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The extra virgin olive oil

A fruity smell of freshly crushed, intense, persistent olive oil; A strong, harmonious flavor with just bitter-spicy aftertaste.

Extra virgin olive oil comes mostly from Leccio, Frantoio, Pendolino and Moraiolo olives harvested in October and November.

The olives are stored for at least 2/3 days in areate boxes. The technique used to extract the oil is the continuous cold cycle.

Excellent for bruschette, excellent on legumes and cod (boiled) as well as on green salads, the perfect paring of Italian cuisine.

The main varieties produced:

oliva frantoio
oliva larcianese
oliva leccino
oliva leccione
oliva moraiolo
oliva morchiaio
oliva pendolino
oliva pignolo


Tuscan wines and distillates

The type of wines produced is very wide, ranging from dry tannins, slightly tannic flavor, which is softened to the soft velvety with dry, lively, harmonious wines, sometimes slightly tending to sparkling.

The variety available makes it possible to match the right wine to each dish, balancing flavors and maximizing its characteristics.

You will be able to taste wines for raw or cooked meats, first courses with red sauces, roasts, low-boiled animals, game, red grilled meat.

Wines for delicious appetizers, first courses of dry soups with delicate sauces, shellfish and crustaceans, eggs, low-fat meat in simple and delicate preparations, great for aperitifs.

Wines for cooked and raw salami, with melon or fish cooked with tomatoes or aromas, white meats (poultry, rabbit, calf) completed with medium sauces.

Types of wines produced:

wine chianti of montalbano docg
white wine of the valdinievole doc
vinsanto doc of the valdinievole
necks of the central etruria red
necks of the central etruria rosy
necks of the central etruria white
necks of the central etruria vinsanto


Products processed and fruits of the undergrowth

High-quality Tuscan milk produces intense flavors: cheeses to propose as starters or to use as ingredients for recipes to taste.

Not forgetting the natural or processed products that can be found in the surrounding woods in Montalbano: chestnuts, strawberries, blueberries and many other seasonal delicacies.

You can taste typical products of the surrounding area, such as cakes, breads and pasta, for a unique journey to discovering Tuscan culture.

Tuscan Delights

milk raw pecorino
sheep's raviggiolo
sheep's ricotta
chestnut honey and royal jelly
Tuscan bread
brigidino of Lamporecchio (crisp wafer with anise)
the neccio (wafer with flour of chestnuts)

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Country light lunch

Enjoy typical Tuscan specialties with a light lunch that will allow you to better enjoy your sweet holiday.

All products are natural, from the surrounding area and genuine, as they are personally selected by our staff with great care and attention.

You will be able to taste some simple typical courses of our territory, without giving up the lightness of a healthy and complete meal.

Our menu:

Big special Tuscany choopping with meats and cheese
Bresaola, basil and Grana cheese
Vegetarian sandwich
Delicious sandwich
Tuscan bread
One glass of local wine

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Our Shop

Inside our farm you can buy products - wine and oil - from our own lands.

Discover our selection of wines designed to respect the tradition of our territory of origin.

Each product is available in packs of various sizes, and is therefore very suitable for small gifts.


Collina Toscana Resort Red wine
Collina Toscana Resort White wine
Collina Toscana Resort Rosè wine
VinSanto dessert wine

Olive oil extra virgin

Collina Toscana Resort Extra Virgin tin
Collina Toscana Resort Extra Virgin amphora glass
Collina Toscana Resort Extra Virgin glass bottle