Monsummano Terme: relaxing stays in contact with nature!

Monsummano Terme is known for the valleys surrounding it and, in particular, the thermal springs that attract many tourists every year.

The trails that cross the distinctive villages of the area and which testify to local country traditions, the typical water mills that give a little more charm to the valley, combined with the wellness paths that regenerate body and mind make Monsummano Terme the ideal destination for your holiday.

The treasures of Monsummano Terme

The town of Monsummano Terme offers many tourist attractions and plenty of evidence of its important historical past, including museums, churches, castles and examples of civil architecture. What makes this place unique is its thermal springs, renowned for their healing and regenerative powers.

In particular, the Giusti Cave, located on the outskirts of the town, is the most famous and renowned spa resort in the area. Its water springs have healing properties that give wellness and relieve discomfort and problems resulting from a variety of disorders.

The Parlanti Grotto, currently undergoing renovation, is a thermal spring located in the municipality of Monsummano Terme, and slightly smaller than the Giusti cave. The grotto is fed by a water source of about 33°C and its use is particularly effective in treating conditions related to a variety of different pathologies.



A vacation immersed in nature

If your goal is to spend a relaxing stay and be in touch with nature, Monsummano Terme is the right answer. In fact, in addition to featuring numerous thermal springs, the countryside is surrounded by valleys making it the ideal place to engage in activities that perfectly combine with the spirit of your stay: relaxation, rest and contact with nature.

Valdinievole is rich in paths and trails immersed in luscious green you can explore by choosing from several options: walking, mountain biking or horseback riding. In addition, the trails have different degrees of difficulty and you can choose on the basis of your physical fitness.

You can admire rich vegetation, water lilies, yellow irises, olive trees and chestnut woods by visiting trails and paths across the valley woods. The area is also well-known for protected animal specimens, especially herons, which often decide to show themselves off to adventurers walking across the valley.

For example, we can see white, gray, red herons, cattle egrets, night herons, squacco herons, and little egrets. In addition, the most humid area of the valley, the Padule of Fucecchio district, the perfect climate allows birdwatchers to observe specimens of birds that find their ideal habitat in the valley.

In addition, Padule di Fucecchio is the protagonist of a festival organized in May, designed to bring to life past and traditions that affect the entire region: from typical cuisine to the production of baskets and sorghum brooms, made from the typical grass that grows in the local marshes. During the festival, it is possible to visit the entire protected area free of charge with expert environmental guides.