Mountain bike excursions in Monsummano Terme

The landscape around Monsummano Terme is packed with adventurous trails to be traveled both on foot and by mountain bike. The valleys surrounding the town feature paths and trails connecting a variety of points of Valdinievole, offering breathtaking hilly scenery.

The Valdinievole has always been considered a connecting point between Florence and the main coastal towns. Its roads have been traveled over time by pilgrims, merchants, and anyone wishing to move from one point to the other across Tuscan provinces.

Today, the roads are especially popular with hikers and mountain bikers thanks to the many types of trails they have to offer, from the most demanding to the more relaxing ones. The hills in the valley offer different views and any direction you choose to follow will immerse you in a world where nature dominates.

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast and decide to visit Monsummano Terme, do not miss the opportunity to bike on trails immersed in the nature surrounding the town. Moreover, Collina Toscana Resort offers you the possibility of renting a mountain bike for free, so that you can immerse yourself in the surrounding valley!

Which mountain bike to select in Monsummano Terme?

If you decide to visit Monsummano Terme with a mountain bike, you will have to contend with the embarrassment of riches. With trails surrounded by luscious green, evidence of its rich artistic and historical past, archaeological remains and panoramas atop hils, the Monsummano Terme valley has a lot to offer.

La Valleriana

La Valleriana, also known as Pesciatina Mountain, is located between Florence and Lucca and features a hilly landscape full of water springs, olive trees and chestnut woods. The total absence of city noise makes the atmosphere even more fascinating.

The Valleriana coincides with the High Valley of Pescia and is surrounded by mountains that isolate the valley from the rest of the territory. Refuge Usso di Sotto sits atop the valley’s highest point and provides refreshments to adventure lovers.



The valley includes trails that traverse it in its entirety and can be traveled by mountain bike and on horseback. In addition, along the valley, you will come across remnants of bygone rural culture: water mills, narrow village trails and typical cuisine.

The Mills Road

The distinctive Mills Road is a distinctive route located south of the Pesciatina Mountain! The trail is about 3 km long, and includes a variety of slopes passing through woods and along river banks; it takes about an hour to cross it. The route begins in the hamlet of Stiappa and ends in the village of Pontito.

Along the way, you will come across four old mills: the Fontanone mill, the Sotto mill, the Sopra mill and the Stiappa or Grillo mill.

Valle del Pescia

Valle del Pescia is an important route connecting the trails of the Pesciatina Switzerland and the Riserva Naturale del Padule di Fucecchio. The route is about 30 km long, requiring about 8 hours of walk and 4 hours of pedaling. It is possible to divide the path into several steps, as you cross several municipalities, one more distinctive than the next: Montecarlo, Chiesina Uzzanese and Ponte Buggianese.

The trail, which runs along the river banks, offers a unique naturalistic scenery. In addition to extensive vegetation such as water lilies and yellow irises, the trail also features wildlife specimens, such as white and brown heron.